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Finishes Guide

Most wood, metal and resin products are available in a “natural” finish. This finish is intended for further polishing or colouring and should not be considered ready to use.

A wide range of metal finishes is available. As different companies use a variety of terms to describe their finishes, please check that our colours are correct for your requirements. A bespoke colour-matching service is available. Powder-coated & Lacquer colours are available. A setup charge of £60.00 will apply for each custom colour used.

A wide range of stain, paint and gilt wood finishes are available. If ordering a stained pole using a wood colour reference please ensure the description corresponds to a Rowley colour reference as stain colours vary widely from company to company. Stain finishes will vary with the natural colour of the wood. Colour matching to all leading brand paint manufacturers is available. A charge of £45.00 will apply to paint colour matching on wood.

Colour CodeColour NameDescriptionSample
SC Self Colour Unfinished Brass (“self colour”) Variable sheen and slight surface marks. Brackets finials and rings may be polished but show some tarnishing. Tubes are unpolished.  
SCB Self Colour Bronze Unfinished Bronze (“self colour”).  
PO Polished Brass Bright polished unlacquered brass that will age naturally.  
P&L Lacquered Polished Brass Bright polished brass with a protective lacquer.  
AB Antique Brass Brass with a dark patina and highlights with a protective lacquer.                    
BDB Burnished Brass Burnished brass finish.                    
BB Brush Brass & Lac. Brass with low sheen soft brushed finish and protective lacquer.  
ArB Armour Bright Burnished to a bright finish.  
LIN Linished Only Linished Only with a low sheen soft brush finished only.  
NP Nickel Plated Brightly polished nickel plate with a warm silver shine.  
AN Antique Nickel Nickel plate patinated with a dull blacky mottled tarnish.  
ANP Satin Nickel Nickel Plate with fine soft brushed finish  
BNP Brushed Nickel Nickel Plate with a bright coarse brushed finish  
BN Black Nickel Black nickel finish  
CP Chrome Plated Bright polished chrome plate with a cold silver shine.  
SCP Satin Chrome Chrome plate with fine soft brushed low sheen finish.   
BCP Brushed Chrome Chrome plate with a bright coarse brushed finish.  
PBL Pale Bronze (Lacquered) Brass finished in a coppery mid-brown patina sealed with lacquer.  
PBW Pale Bronze (Waxed) Brass finished in a coppery mid- brown patina, waxed for a natural antique feel.  
DBL Deep Bronze Lacq. Brass finished in a rich deep brown patina sealed with lacquered  
DBW Deep Bronze Waxed. A rich deep brown patina finished with wax for a natural antique feel.  
GM Gunmetal Deep grey/blue/black patina with glossy lacquer finish.  
ABK Armoury Black Deep grey/black patina with wax finish. A dark antique similar to old iron or pewter.  
GP Graphite Pewter Dark Grey finish and protective lacquer  
AW Antique Wax Pale brown patina and highlights with wax for natural antique feel  

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