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Why live without portiere and drapery in the UK?

Posted by Mohammed Ahzaz Saleem on

Portiere & Drapery

How to DIY hang curtains by using the best portiere and drapery hardware in the UK

In order to complete the style and look of your living room, curtains play a very important role and also save the inhabitants of the house of being accidentally exposed to the outer space during their private times.

Adding curtains to your house involve ladder work and it is always painful and dangerous to work with the ladders. Although hanging curtains is a simple and easy process it is still technical.

Selecting the right tools and curtain hardware like portiere rods, drapery arms, brackets, holdbacks and curtain hanging rings are more crucial than selecting the curtain fabric. It is more crucial because this hardware will hold and hang the curtains for ages, if they were bad, nothing will work properly.

Buying the portiere and drapery is itself a full science and they must be bought from a well-known curtain accessories store. When it comes to the quality of curtain accessories, bronze and brass materials should be used.

The bronze risings and brass arms can hold the curtains firmly and when you have children too, they can also hang around the curtains and bad materials can cause an accident.

Why curtains?

There are a number of reasons for using the curtains, whether you want to block the sunlight, or to add finishing touch to your space, adding style to your house, or you want to add more privacy to your living space.

In all these situations, curtains are necessary and the most important point is to secure the in house workout from people living around.  To protect all these situations, it is time to understand how to hang curtains and what type of materials to be used for some added safety and long-time strength.

Tools, equipment and Materials

  • Curtains, select the best fabric which suits your lifestyle
  • Curtain rod and hardware, always use brass and bronze materials for added safety
  • Ladder for overhead work to install brass brackets, dormer rods, door curtain poles, and even portiere & drapery accessories
  • Measuring tape to get the exact measurements
  • Pencil for marking the correct layout
  • Sprit or water Level to keep the things in line, an android app can also be used as the level
  • Drill and drill bits to save hammering on walls
  • Safety glasses to save your eyes from debris
  • Iron to finally iron the curtain fabric and hang

Pre-hanging curtains are the process involved buying the curtains and curtain accessories including solid brass rings, curtain hanging brackets, rising rods etc.

How to Hang Curtains

  1. Draw Layout and take Measurements

Measure your windows and doors width to make sure that you get the correct size of the curtain rods to hang them on the walls. Measuring the width of the windows will not be enough but you must add eight to twelve inches more into the measurement where the finals would be fixed on the edges of the rods.

  1. Install Brackets

In order to install the brass brackets, it is important to use a pencil for the correct marking and each bracket should be placed at the height which is previously determined during the measurement. An extra 5 to 6 inches can be added to keep the curtain hanging above the floor.

The marking made with the pencil must be levelled to keep the things in line because if the markings went wrong, entire curtain treatment would be kinked and won’t look good at all. Install the wall anchors with the help of a drill machine by drilling the holes and screwing the brackets on the wall correctly.

  1. Install Rod and Curtains

If the curtains are just bought and they are straight unpacked out of the box, ironing is necessary and steaming out the creases is necessary. Unleash the finials and curtain rods, then thread the curtains on the rods with the help of solid brass or bronze rings.

Depending on the type of the curtains, there are a number of other options available in curtain rings, you can check online for the curtain accessories. Once the rod is installed in the curtains with the help of rings, install the finals and set the curtains in the wall mounted brackets, and tighten the rod holding screws.

Tips and Tricks

Measuring Tips

For the ease of use and accuracy, it is recommended that you should use a metal measure tape and while taking measurements, always double check everything and write them down step by step.

A step ladder would keep you in safe hands when working overhead, but if there are over high windows, don’t try to overreach the ladder without the presence of the helping person. It is necessary to safeguard any accidents.

In case if the fixing space is smaller or narrower, make sure you should measure everything and write down then compare the measurements with the product you are about to install on the wall.

Make sure that the finials dimensions should be added to the total dimensions and in case if the curtains are going in the eyelet wide spaced area, you must need an extension bracket as well. This is also needed if you have an overlay window. There must be adequate space and clearance between the walls and the poles.

Fitting Tips

A led pencil is necessary to mark the fittings, as the pencils are easy to remove. When you take the poles out of the packing, due care is necessary because the sharp edges of the poles and brackets or any other tools provided with the kit can damage the curtains. Check everything out of the box with the fitting guide and available accessories.

Before start drilling the holes, make sure you should cover carpet, furniture and everything to protect it from debris and dust arise by the drill machine. For drilling through the ceramics or concrete, the specific type of drill should be used.

Once the brackets installed, it is a good idea to test the rods by placing them on the brackets without curtains to make sure that they are properly installed and fixed in a good manner. Everything should look visually in good standing because there is a good chance that the ceiling or floor might be built uneven.

Once the brackets have been fitted, it is necessary that the area must be cleaned with a vacuum cleaner so that all the dust must be removed before opening the curtains.

If the brackets or the walls are wooden, there is no need to use drill to fix the mountings. Simply use the wooden screws and fit the brackets.

If the curtain size is not determined properly, you should install the brackets around 12cm above the window top frame elevation. This is one of the most common positions to make sure that the header tape of the curtains will not be seen outside the window. 

Coordinate Your Curtains, Hardware, and Room
As stated always use the best quality brass brackets and accessories to complete your curtain treatment because heavier curtains can sheer the screws of the brackets or even can bend the rods. Consider the best available portiere and drapery accessories including finials, rods, brackets and even the rings.

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