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Wooden And Metal Curtain Poles – which suits where?

Posted by Mehboob Punjani on

Curtain Poles

Choosing the curtain poles is a hard decision to make, wooden or metal - which suits where

Choosing the curtain poles is one of the hard decisions to make when making the selections of curtain poles and drapery for the home windows and doors. In the case of wooden poles, the majority of buyers think that they have a limited choice thus choosing the wooden poles for curtains.

They believe that choosing the metal curtain poles and tracks is hard for them, they cannot match them with the style and overall look of the room. Brass poles have undergone somewhat of a design reborn in the past years and now are being considered a big factor in the curtain designs and style.

Regaining the popularity of the interior designing, the curtain poles are now the vital element. With the time, now hundreds of designs and styles of curtain poles are available in the market. The wooden poles in different diameters and colours while the metal curtain poles are available in different styles, colours, and sizes to suit all needs of all the conditions and situations.

Now the deal is just choosing the right curtain pole for the right space and style. A buyer says that it is hard for him to select the curtain poles when they are looking to match both style and need of the window, it proves to be a really tricky process for them.

When buying the curtain poles for the windows which can overcome the challenges of style and need at the same time, there are two options available, a wooden pole or a metal pole.

What actually suits? Wood curtain pole or metal curtain pole?

When people go for the selection of the curtain poles, wood curtain poles come in limited choices of colours and shapes but metal curtain poles offer a number of styles, colours and sizes like dormer rods, brass poles and silver steel curtains rods at the same time.

When it comes to the finish of the curtain poles, wood curtain poles have more finishes than colours and chiefly available in their natural tone, look and texture. The wood curtain poles usually made of oak, pine, beech and mahogany wood.

Dormer Rods

Now it depends on the homeowner that what he decides, the metal curtain poles offer a relatively wider range of choices as compare to the wooden poles. Metal curtain poles tend to be made from copper, brass stainless steel and black nickel or they can be found in sheet metal too as a cheap option.

The choice totally depends on the buyer that what actually they want to add decor to their home. If they are striving for a vintage look, wooden poles are the best choice for them, while if they prefer a modern and stylish look, then there is nothing better than a metal curtain pole.

Wooden Curtain Poles

In order to add warmth to your living space, there is nothing better than a wooden curtain pole. There is a range of wooden curtain poles available online and on your local drapery specialist stores in the UK. They can be found in decorative finish and curtain tracks with added midials, finials, hold back and curtain accessories.

The customizable wooden curtain poles are also available now and one can ask to add effects of their own choice to the poles to make them more stylish while living in the wooden poles choice. The top quality curtain poles for bay windows can be custom bent to best suit your needs and style of the window.

Metal Curtain Poles

A more fashionable, up-to-date look can be attained with the help of use of metal curtain poles. The metal curtain poles are even more robust than wooden curtain poles and being robust they can handle the heavy curtains. No matter what are your needs, you can choose any of the curtain poles to meet your needs.

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